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Tips and Advice on Building Your Leadership Team

Business Next
April 7, 2017 3:00 PM

unique-2032274_960_720.pngMichael Rogers, communications officer for the Small Business Association of Michigan, talks with trainer and leadership coach Kevin Suboski about building your leadership team. Kevin says “You know the neighborhood kid with the table in his yard? That was me. I sold candy bars to kids because the margins and turnover were much better than selling lemonade to their parents.


Later, I started helping big companies like EDS and Sun Microsystems lead and organize their IT people. I had tremendous success. I grew that business to 30 people with 20% margins. While I had great success and learned a huge amount working in and for large corporations, I found I much preferred the heart and soul of small business. I’ve been working with small and medium sized business owners since 1996. By far the best system I’ve ever come across to help them achieve dramatic improvements in business is EOS. EOS stands for Entrepreneurial Operating System - a complete set of simple tools for running your business developed by Gino Wickman and documented in his book "Traction". The unique thing about EOS is that the system is designed for entrepreneurial companies, not big corporations. All its pieces work in concert, are consistent with the reality of a small company and are easy to understand. The vast majority of people who start this process achieve unprecedented traction and control over their business. In my experience as an entrepreneur myself, nothing compares to helping people get more of what they want from the businesses they are passionate about. Of course this includes improved financials, but I often find they get even more satisfaction from the increased peace and predictability they achieve as well."

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