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The Magic Hour with Michael McCallum Episode 7 | Paige Dunckel Insight from the Theatre

The Magic Hour
June 7, 2019 4:00 PM


A 6-part PodCast batch for the latest episode [#7] of the Magic Hour with Michael McCallum

Michael welcomes to the studio Paige Dunckel from the Lansing Community College Theater Department. An Actor, Director, and Teacher, who has insight on the collective art from stage.

Hear how Paige's path has crossed with Michael's several times over the past couple decades, and about several of her productions from over the years, including in the future

Paige and Michael discuss a lot of great theatre topics for actors, directors, and those interested in productive artistic careers in Michigan. Also get a scoop on upcoming projects from Paige. Just press play on the PodCasts shared right below!

Here's your digest run-down of Paige joining Michael's discussions for the PodCasts just above. 

Image result for rebel pictures
1) Host Michael McCallum brings up some recent Rebel Pictures' film festival news and introduces guest, talented director, Paige Dunckel. 
Image result for lansing community college dart auditorium2) Host Michael McCallum continues the conversation with guest, Paige Dunckel. She discusses her past and what brought her into the arts and to Michigan and Lansing Community College. McCallum and she also talk about the first play they worked on together, Road Through Hell. 
3) Continued conversation with host Michael McCallum and his guest Paige Dunckel. They further discuss the play they first worked on together, Road Through Hell, her feelings on casting and her directorial debut at Lansing Community College, SuBurbia. (which McCallum also starred in.)
4) Host Michael McCallum continues conversation with guest and talented director, Paige Dunckel. They further talk about the Lansing Community College 2000 production of SuBurbia and memories from the show and what drew her to want to direct the Eric Bogosian piece. 
5) Host Michael McCallum and guest Paige Dunckel talk further about directing and their last collaboration, A Streetcar Named Desire at Lansing Community College. (McCallum played Stanley Kowalski in the production that Dunckel directed.) 
6) Outro with Host Michael McCallum as he and guest, talented director, Paige Dunckel discuss A Streetcar Named Desire more and her involvement in the Renegade Theatre Festival. 
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The Magic Hour, hosted by Michael McCallum, looks into the business side of the entertainment industry by discussing M.A.G.I.C. -- the various aspects of Movies, Arts, Government, Independence, and Community and how the field of entertainment is a component of our economy -- translating to the rest of the business community. Jen Sygit's song, "Sinking Ship", is the theme song for this show!

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