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Technology News and More for the Week of June 26, 2017

Bottom Line IT
June 29, 2017 9:00 AM

thomas-kelley-128629.jpgIn this weeks episode of Bottom Line IT hosts Erik Jacobsen and Mike Maddox discuss recent technology topics including eClinicalWorks Fined for Falsifying Certifications, London Attack Leads to Renewed Calls for Internet Regulation, and more! 

Segment one: eClinicalWorks Fined for Falisying Certifications

The Electronic Health Records Solution eClinicalWorks was hit with a massive fine and other reprecussions for falsifying certification information and other unlawful acts.  The ramifications could be disastorous for the company. For more click here.

Segment two: London Atack Leads to Renewed Calls for Internet Regulation

The debate over internet regulation is a highly energized topic with merit on both sides of the argument.  Recently, Britain Prime Minister Theresa May called for even higher levels of government regulation.  This was in the wake of recent terror attacks.  Is she right in her view that this would help prevent future terrorism?  Mike and Amy discuss. For more click here

Segment three: NSA Leakers Offer Monthly Subscription Service

As unbelievable as it may sound, malware and virus services are now available via monthly subscription services!  Mike and Amy discuss a recent example with Shadow Brokers offering a “hack of the month” service. For more click here

Segment four: How Consumers Feel About Ransomware Following WannaCry

Mike and Amy cover a recent study by Carbon Black on how consumers feel about Ransomware and cyberattacks.   Any business selling to the public needs to know the results of this study.  It will shed light on how their customers feel or will feel in the event the business experiences a breach. For more click here

Segment five: Public Health Labs to get Help Sharing Data from Zika Tests

Public Health Labs are to receive Federal funding to share data and testing protocols for Zika.  This could lead to a new trend in information sharing which could potentially have tremendous benefits in both health care and business. For more click here.

Segment six: Ingham County’s $2M Wake Up call – Recent Cyber Attack

Discussing a story very close to home, Mike and Amy cover the recent Ingham County Michigan breach.  The breach was a wake up call and came at an extremely high price.  This should serve as a wake up call for all business owners and managers. For more click here

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