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Technology News and More for the Week of July 25, 2017

Bottom Line IT
July 27, 2017 5:00 PM

cartoon-2026571_960_720.pngIn this weeks episode of Bottom Line IT hosts Erik Jacobsen and Mike Maddox discuss recent technology topics including President Trump being sued over Twitter.

Segment one: Blocked Twitter Users Suing Trump

Trump’s Twitter Accont has blocked a number of Twitter users based on responses to his tweets.  This has created some fascinating legal and ethical questions and resulted in some lawsuits. Click here to read more! 

Segment two: A Quick Lesson for Executives on How to Use (and Not Use) Twitter

Twitter can be a very powerful medium for business but it can also be a very dangerous tool if not used with caution.  Mike and Erik discuss examples of how to use Twitter and how to NOT use Twitter. Click here to read more! 

Segment three: Michigan Company, Hirotec Shows how High Tech Can Lead to Manufacturing Excellence

Mike and Erik discuss a recent announcement by a very forward thinking and successful Michigan based company, Hirotec.  The company recently announced their efforts to utilize lights out manufacturing to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and improve their operational excellence. Click here to read more! 

Segment four: Driverless Shuttles are Going to be Built in Michigan

Driverless shuttles will now be both used and manufactured in Michigan.  A recent announcement highlighting a French Company working with U of M shows great promise in moving driverless technology forward. Click here to read more! 

Segment five: Why Elon Musk Believes Humanity’s Fate is in Danger From AI

Does Elon Must know something that the rest of us don’t?  His recent warning to a conference of governors is both interesting in alarming.  Elon believes that, unless the government begins to regulate artificial intelligence, the human race is at risk. Click here to read more! 

Segment six: The Motives Behind Ransomware- Not Always About the Money

Mike interviews ASK Enhanced Security Services Manager Josh Gembala regarding the motives behind Ransomware.  Are they changing?  Is it always about money?  Are the recent major outbreaks simply trial runs for something much larger? Click here to read more! 

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