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Technology News And More For The Week Of July 18, 2017

Bottom Line IT
July 21, 2017 11:00 AM

ransomware-2321110_960_720.jpgIn this week episode of Bottom line IT hosts Amy Mumby and Erik Jacobsen discuss recent technology topics including This is What Foreign Spies See When They Read President Trump’s Tweets and more!

Segment one: Inside the Chaotic Battle to be the Top Reply to a Trump Tweet

  • Whether it’s rolling out of bed in the middle of the night to reply to a Trump tweet, or studying The Art of War for strategic guidance, Twitter users are using all the ammunition they can to climb atop the Trump tweet ladder. As social media has evolved, users have to be more creative just to be relevant in political conversations. Erik and Amy discuss, and explore just how difficult it is to keep up in the digital age without proper guidance. For more click here

Segment two: Russian Cyber Hacks on U.S Electoral System Far Wider Than Previously Known

  • In the 2016 election season the U.S. was rocked by a colossal “spear phishing” attack that targeted Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the DNC, and several hundreds of other groups. Though any Russian Government collusion is publicly denied by the Kremlin, new NSA documents suggest that the attack may be worse than originally thought. The State of Illinois, investigators found, was affected to the point that hackers attempted to delete and/or alter voter data. In total, the Russian hack attack is now thought to have hit at least 39 states. Erik and Amy, who are both very familiar with spear phishing among other forms of Malware, discuss how very real the threat is and how it can affect anyone from federal governments to local businesses. For more click here.

Segment three: This is What Foreign Spies See When They Read President Trump’s Tweets

  • Former CIA analyst Nada Bakos states that President Trump’s tweets provide a clear window into the President’s thinking, and that window is open to foreign intelligence agents amongst others. Bakos states that the tweets can signal anything from his sleep patterns, stress level, or even what he watches to anyone. Foreign Governments could then potentially craft a highly accurate profile about the President and use this profile to dictate many of their decisions on how to deal with him. Amy and Erik discuss this, and explore what businesses can take from this. Should businesses be vigilant with how they portray themselves on social media, should they examine social media profiles of potential employees and partners before making a commitment? Should businesses employ digital marketing strategies? Listen to find out. For more click here.

Segment four: Ransomware Attack ‘Not Designed to Make Money’ Researchers Claim

  • The ransomware attack known as “NotPetya” is now being regarded by many experts as an effort of sabotage and disruption, not an attempt to make money. One anonymous researcher known as “the grugq” stated the software was “definitely not designed to make money” and implied that the Malware’s true purpose was to create as much damage as possible. The Malware was highly sophisticated, exploiting a popular accounting software, it also appeared to target Ukraine, where 60% of the infections occurred. Erik and Amy discuss NotPetya’s spread, how hacking has changed over time, and how end user behavior can help prevent organizations and businesses from being a victim. For more click here.

Segment five: Maersk Brings Major IT Systems Back Online After Cyber Attack

  • The Danish shipping stalwart Maersk finally reopened its key applications a week after it was hit by a major cyber-attack. Maersk, which handles approximately 14% of containers that are shipped globally, had to rely on its partner MSC to mitigate threatening disruptions. Amy and Erik debate whether or not local businesses in Michigan could afford the downtime from similar attacks. Also, they ponder whether or not the basics like backing up your environment is enough or if live security monitoring is a must. For more click here.

Segment six: Anthem to Pay $115M in Largest Ever Data Breach Settlement

  • Anthem Inc, which is the largest health insurance company in the U.S., settled a lawsuit regarding a hacking event in 2015, that endangered 79 million people’s personal information for $115 million. Although, the settlement has yet to be approved by the presiding judge, if approved it would be the largest data breach settlement ever. Erik is joined by the head of ASK’s Enhanced Security Services division Josh Gembala once again to discuss this and many other topics. Josh and Erik question whether the settlement was a slap on the wrist, and how a similar lawsuit would affect small to medium businesses that don’t have massive legal teams. For more click here.

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