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Technology News And More For the Week of July 11, 2017

Bottom Line IT
July 17, 2017 1:00 PM

caspar-rubin-224229.jpgIn this week episode of Bottom line IT hosts Amy Mumby and Erik Jacobsen discuss recent technology topics including The Internet is Actually Controlled by 14 People Who Hold 7 Secret Keys, Honda Gets Shutdown by WannaCry, and more!

Segment one: The Internet is Actually Controlled by 14 People Who Hold 7 Secret Keys

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is an organization that assigns numerical IP (Internet Protocol) addresses to websites and computers and converts them into text based URLs that people type into their browsers. Amy and Erik sit down to discuss the 14 people who are responsible for making this whole process work, the vanguards that help prevent the bad guys from maliciously sending your web traffic to the wrong place. For more click here.

Segment two: Honda Gets Shutdown by WannaCry

On June 19 th Honda, one of the largest auto makers in the world, joined Nissan and Renault SA as car manufactures who had factories attacked by WannaCry. Despite Honda’s efforts to protect its network systems in May in response to WannaCry’s spread, the June 19 th attack created a temporary shutdown at Honda’s Sayama Plant near Tokyo which caused 1,000 units to not be produced as planned during the brief shutdown. Amy and Erik discuss how a ransomware attack like Honda’s can cause a business millions in ransom payments, downtime, and PR hits. For more, clickhere.

Segment three: Automation Will Force Universal Basic Income

Entrepreneur, inventor, and visionary extraordinaire Elon Musk joined the ever-growing list of people who say that an AI-powered robot will take your job. Musk discusses how this inevitability will create what’s called a “post- scarcity economy” and force what’s called “Universal Basic Income” or where every person receives a paycheck from their government to use as they please. Erik and Amy postulate what this means for humanity, and explore other introspective matters. For more, click here.

Segment four: The World is Running Out of Domain Names

It’s official, the world is running out of website names. Broadcasting live from the ASK Intergalatic Studio, Erik and Amy discuss the psychological implications of their birth names, and ICANN returns in this episode to once again solve the Internet’s problems. For more, click here.

Segment five: Cyber Firms Warn of Malware That Could Cause Power Outages

Even our power grids, hospitals, and water provision systems are now likely targets for Malware spreaders. Experts from IT security companies ESET and Dragos Inc claim that Crash Override, a type of malware that caused a 2016 Ukraine power outage, can easily be repurposed with “small modifications” to cripple vital infrastructure in the United States and Europe. Erik and Amy discuss these threats, and many other topics. For more, click here.

Segment six: The Malware Used Against the Ukrainian Power Grid is More Dangerous Than Anyone Thought

While not intrinsically complicated itself, the Malware that decimated Ukraine’s power grid twice within a year known as CrashOverride, was incredibly sophisticated and effective. The Malware had an alarmingly sophisticated knowledge of the four communication protocols that are utilized by industrial control systems in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, according to researchers. Researchers also claim that CrashOverride unlike other malware attacks on industrial control systems, was intended for sabotage rather than espionage or monetary gain. Erik and ASK Cyber Security Expert Josh Gembala sit down to discuss how as cyber security continues to be neglected by companies, simple modifications to Malware like CrashOverride could potentially endanger the grid in America. For more click here.

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