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Technology News and More for the Week of April 17th, 2017

Bottom Line IT
May 1, 2017 2:00 PM

ipad-820272_960_720-1.jpgIn this weeks episode of Bottom Line IT hosts Erik Jacobsen and Mike Maddox discuss recent technology topics including banks are facing increasing risk, how trump killed internet privacy rules, and McAfee labs threat report shows alarming trend for MAC. 

Segment one: Millions of College Credentials Spotted on Dark Web

Mike and Erik discuss the recent announcent that millions of college records are available on the dark web.  Michigan is one of the most affected states in this regard and the volume of the information available is truly frightening. For the article click here.

Segment two: Banks are Facing Increasing Risk – What they Need to Do to Protect themselves. 

Financial Service Firms are the top target for Cyber criminals.  What makes this especially concerning is that most are not prepared to combat the ever increasing threat landscape. For the article click here. 

Segment three: Can you Trust Youtube for Adverstising?  Maybe Not

With over 400 hours of Youtube videos uploaded every minute, the company is having a really hard time monitoring appropriate from inappropriate or even dangerous.  The result has been a backlash from advertisers who are pulling ads due to their ads appearing along side an inappropriate videos.  The guys discusss what this means for businesses and what Google needs to do to combat this problem. For the article click here.

Segment four: Net Nuetrality- The Fight Continues

Trump has been reversing Obama rules regarding net nuetrality- which is the right of Internet Service providers to throttle or give preferential treatment to certain providers.   The argument is strong on both sides and the guys discuss where they come down on this and what the likely impact of the Trump reversals will be. For the article click here.

Segment five: How Trump Killed Internet Privacy Rules

It has been reported that Trump is killing internet privacy through allowing Internet Service Providers to more easily collect and sell your information.  The Trump changes are a clear reversal of the internet privacy rules set up by the Obama administration.  They guys discuss the impact of this on all of us and our web surfing and privacy. For the article click here.

Segment six: McAfee Labs Threat Report Shows Alarming Trend for MAC

Josh joins Mike in the studio to discuss a recent study by McAfee and some alarming facts about the growing threat landscape.  Josh discusses how businesses are at an increasingly dangerous position and what they can and should do to alleviate this. For the article click here.

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