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Sweden in the News

globalEDGE Business Beat
May 6, 2016 8:00 PM

Sweden in the NewsHosted by Tomas Hult, this interview segment of the globalEDGE Business Beat focuses on Sweden and a dialogue with Sten Sjoberg about the uniqueness, in many respects, of Sweden as a country, society, and economically solid part of the world. Interestingly, Sweden has come up regularly in the election cycle of the USA.

Tomas and Sten discuss if the US can be like Sweden or is the US simply too large to be able to implement all of what made Sweden work. Also, Sweden and Michigan have about the same number of people, roughly 10 million, what overlap or similarity between Sweden and Michigan do we see?

globalEDGE Business Beat, hosted by Tomas Hult, covers discussions with a wide range of global leaders in business, government, and academe to provide information on the latest thoughts, tools, and markets that are flourishing globally.

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