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Summers Off from School? Think Again!

Education’s Business: Taking Positive Actions
July 1, 2015 9:17 AM

Regional BusinessLudington is home to one of the valuable instructional hubs in our State. Recorded at the Mason-Lake-Oceana Mathematics and Science Centers located within the West Shore Educational District, Karl interviews director, Kathy Surd, as she explains the very active and purposeful activities they provide to schools all around the region.

Also the new President of the Michigan Math and Science Centers Network, Kathy summarizes some of the important roles these organizations play in the education of students, teachers and communities even during the summer. Can you teach kids to code?

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Education's Business: Taking Positive Actions, hosted by Karl Klimek, Exposing and celebrating the successful partnerships between K-12 schools and industry/community partners. Special focus is on Science – Technology – Engineering – Math (STEM) and Career Technical Education (CTE) efforts.

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