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Sparrow Clinton Hospital Achieves Pathway to Excellence® Nursing Designation

Michigan Business Network
July 3, 2017 4:00 PM


ST. JOHNS, MI – A delegation of Sparrow Clinton Hospital Nurses recently received national recognition from their peers for quality measures that help make the hospital a great place to work.

The group was in Dallas, Texas, to formally accept the Pathway to Excellence® designation by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

Beth receiving award from ANCC.jpg

Photo caption: Beth Ann Daugherty (center), Sparrow Clinton Hospital Vice President of Patient Care and Chief Nursing Officer, accepts the Pathway to Excellence® award from the American Nurses Credentialing Center during a recent conference in Dallas, Texas.

The Pathway to Excellence® designation confirms quality initiatives used to create a positive work environment where Nurses can flourish. The designation substantiates the professional satisfaction of Nurses at Sparrow Clinton Hospital and identifies it as one of the best hospitals to work in the nation.

“Pathway is truly meaningful recognition for Nurses, by Nurses,” said Beth Ann Daugherty, BSN, RN, MPH, CRRN, Sparrow Clinton Vice President of Patient Care and Chief Nursing Officer. “While nursing has been the catalyst, achieving designation as a Pathway to Excellence® hospital reflects the quality of our organization as a whole. We could not have begun this journey without the support of every Caregiver in each department.”

The Pathway to Excellence® designation is granted based on 12 practice standards and 91 elements of performance. Applicants must successfully undergo a thorough review process that documents quality initiatives — as defined by Nurses and supported by research – that lead to a positive workplace. These initiatives must be present in the facility’s practices, policies, and culture. Sparrow Clinton Nurses provide input in a confidential online survey.

Implementing and maintaining strong quality standards is one way that Sparrow is transforming Patient care.

“It’s been a phenomenal journey from start to finish,” Daugherty said. “The experience … generated enormous enthusiasm throughout the organization and across disciplines. Achieving designation was the icing on the cake.”

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Sparrow, a member of the prestigious Mayo Clinic Care Network, is mid-Michigan’s premier healthcare organization that includes hospitals in Lansing, St. Johns, Ionia and Carson City as well as Physicians Health Plan, Sparrow Physicians Health Network, the Sparrow Medical Group and the Michigan Athletic Club. Sparrow is affiliated with Michigan State University’s three human health colleges. Through these partnerships and the dedication of our 10,000 Caregivers, Sparrow pursues a vision to be nationally recognized as a leader in quality and Patient experience. For more information, visit Sparrow.org.

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