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Sparrow Hospital Proclaims Future Spartans

Michigan Business Network
October 4, 2017 3:00 PM

blogpost.pngThis Saturday is the big Michigan State University -University of Michigan game, and Sparrow Hospital have announced that all babies born at Sparrow Hospital can be Future Spartans. Each baby (there were over 4,000 last year) will be provided a very cute onesie with the slogan, Where Future Spartans are Born, and a certificate proclaiming them as a newborn Spartan fan.

There is also a Future Spartans Snapchat filter that can be used in Sparrow's Labor and Delivery, and Maternity Services areas. The program is being offered in partnership with MSU Athletics and Fox Sports. And, of course, those few Wolverine fans can choose not to receive the Future Spartan designation. Sparrow is mid-Michigan’s only Baby Friendly® Hospital, a national benchmark in quality care for mother and babies that promotes best practices in infant feeding and mother-baby bonding.

Photo of newborn baby Bode Taylor with parents Brad and Holly Taylor by his side as he recieves his Future Spartan onesie! 

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