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Sparrow Health | June Is National Cancer Survivors Month

Michigan Business Network
June 27, 2018 3:00 PM


Theresa Pruder, Radiation/Medical/GYN Oncology Manager Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center, Lansing joined Jeffrey Mosher in the MBN studio recently for a Michigan Business Beat.

Theresa wanted to focus on June as National Cancer Survivors Month. National Cancer Survivors Day was marked earlier in the month as every year in June, people around the world celebrate life after cancer.


We pause to honor those who are living with a history of cancer for their strength and courage.
It is also a day to acknowledge the contributions of their families, friends, and healthcare providers, as well as those engaged in cancer research. (The actual day set aside as
National Cancer Survivor Day is the first Sunday of June –that was June 3rd)

Theresa discusses: Who is a cancer survivor?  Anyone living with a history of cancer – from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life – is a cancer survivor. Thanks to advances in cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, and follow-up care, more people than ever before are surviving the disease. In America alone, more than 15.5 million people are alive today after being diagnosed with cancer. She goes on to speak on why we take time to honor Cancer Survivors.

o     CELEBRATE those that have survived their battle against Cancer

o     INSPIRE those recently diagnosed with Cancer

o     SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGE family members and friends of cancer patients

In the interview we also cover what you can do to improve health, survival, and quality of life after cancer diagnosis?

  *   Quit tobacco. Smoking and other tobacco products increase your risk
for cancer recurrence and additional cancers.
  *   Be active and strive to maintain a healthy diet and weight.
  *   Discuss a follow-up care plan with your health care provider.
  *   Get help for depression or anxiety related to cancer or its treatment.

What resources are out there for survivors?

  *    Holmes Cancer Resource Center
  *    Cancer support groups:  Prostate, breast and general

Any questions about Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center services:

  *   See website https://www.sparrowcancer.org/

  *   Call: 517-364-9426sparrow

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