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Sparrow Gift of Life Challenge

Michigan Business Network
October 5, 2018 2:00 PM


Sparrow needs your help in winning statewide organ donation challenge.

LANSING, MI – Sparrow once again needs everyone’s help in winning a statewide hospital challenge to see who can add the most names to the Michigan Organ Donor Registry.

Sparrow was recently given a gold award by the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration for its efforts to grow the registry and for signing up 241 people during last year’s Michigan Gift of Life Hospital Challenge. As a first-time participant, Sparrow took an impressive third in the challenge against larger health systems from throughout the state.

Now, we’re hoping the mid-Michigan region helps us do even better because providing quality, compassionate care is what we do.

If you’re not among the 65 percent of Michigan adults who are registered organ and tissue donors, go to www.golm.org/go/sparrow by Nov. 9 to be counted in the Michigan Gift of Life Hospital Challenge. If you think you’re a registered donor but aren’t sure, check your driver’s license or state ID for a little red heart symbol in the lower right corner.

Becoming part of the challenge means lending hope to about 3,200 people in Michigan who are desperately waiting for a transplant and a second chance at life.

Sparrow, the regional trauma center for mid-Michigan, is among the statewide leaders in tissue and organ donations and has worked closely with Gift of Life to support donors and their families. That’s because the needs of our Patients always come first and our mission is to improve the health of the people in our communities.  

Choose Wisely. Choose Sparrow.

Gift-of-Life-group-2Photo caption: Sparrow Ionia Hospital Nurse Manager Steve Dexter (center) accepts a gold award for Sparrow’s efforts to sign people up for the Michigan Organ Donor Registry. Dexter organized Sparrow’s organ donor drive last year and is helping to lead this year’s effort. Joining Dexter are (from left) Betsy Miner-Swartz of Michigan Gift of Life, Sparrow President and CEO Dennis Swan, and Daryl Jensen and Marlene Witter of Michigan Gift of Life.

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