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Sparrow Carson Hospital Emergency Department Hosts Special VIPs – Former Patients

Michigan Business Network
June 4, 2019 11:00 AM

sparrow carson hospital

CARSON CITY, MI – The Sparrow Carson Hospital Emergency Department recently held a community celebration with some special VIPs – Patients who received extraordinary care at Sparrow Carson Hospital that helped save their lives.

Two Patients were celebrated at the annual It Takes a Village event: Vicki Peiffer who survived an ischemia stroke, and young Hadlie Jane Frechen, who spent 115 days as an inpatient with infant botulism.

The event was a time for the Patients, their families and friends to celebrate with Caregivers and emergency personnel involved in their cases to showcase how no job is less important than any other when it comes to saving a life.

Vicki Peiffer middle

Photo caption: Vicki Peiffer (middle)

Peiffer, who’s from the Hubbardston area, arrived at the Sparrow Carson Hospital Emergency Department and was transferred to Sparrow Hospital in Lansing once tests and lab results revealed she was having a stroke. Hadlie Jane, of Carson City, arrived at the Sparrow Carson Emergency Department with a possible respiratory illness and was later transferred to other facilities, including the University of Michigan.

“Without confidence, humility and resilience, our medical village can’t achieve our goals. The size of our village grows with the difficulty of the illness or the complexity of care required. Each member of that village is important, and that was certainly demonstrated by the care these Patients received,” said Michael Racine, M.D., the event’s keynote speaker and Sparrow Carson Emergency Department Physician.

The Sparrow Carson Emergency Department averages 10,000 Patients each year and showcases incredibly low wait times.

Hadlie Jane Frechen

Photo caption: (infant) Hadlie Jane Frenchen, of Carson City


Sparrow Carson Hospital is a subsidiary of Sparrow Health System, a member of the prestigious Mayo Clinic Care Network. As mid-Michigan’s premier health care organization, Sparrow includes hospitals in Lansing, St. Johns, Ionia and Carson City as well as Physicians Health Plan, Sparrow Care Network, the Sparrow Medical Group and the Michigan Athletic Club. Sparrow is affiliated with Michigan State University’s three human health colleges. Through these partnerships and the dedication of our 10,000 Caregivers, Sparrow pursues a vision to be nationally recognized as a leader in quality and Patient experience. For more information, visit Sparrow.org.

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