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Small Business Getting Bigger and Better

This Month in Small Business
July 5, 2016 3:00 PM

SBAM_Annual.jpgMichael Rogers of SBAM talks to Chris Holman about the 2016 Small Business Association of Michigan Annual Meeting and Networking Luncheon. They key on the Business Expo which had expanded for 2016. They also noted President and CEO Rob Fowler's ability to lead the luncheon. They also reflect on the top notch speaker brought in for the keynote, political pundit David Wasserman of The Cook Political Report. Mr. Wasserman shared his insights into the 2016 presidential election and the impact on the small business community. Overall it was a great event for MBN and also for SBAM.

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This Month in Small Business, co-hosted by Chris Holman and Michael Rogers, provides a fresh, in-depth look at timely topics impacting small businesses in Michigan and throughout the US.

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