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Shinola - Mission Possible!

The Trep Talk
November 16, 2016 5:00 PM

Jacques Panis.jpgJacques Panis, President of Shinola is this week's guest on 'the Trep Talk' – find out how this leader keeps his culture alive with the meteoric growth the company "Shinola" has experienced in Michigan as well as continuing the mission of creating great jobs here in the U.S.

The Detroit-based company has expanded from producing watches to leather goods, personalized jewelry and their next offering is audio equipment starting with a high quality turntable that can be preordered now.  But they aren’t stopping there, they have plans to expand that line and in 2018 will open a hotel promising to offer the exceptional hospitality that falls in line with their culture and mission.

A mission of creating great jobs, here in the U.S. that can, and will, imply generational impact in cities where jobs are needed sounds impossible with today’s business climate, but for Shinola, it’s more than a dream, it’s a reality.

Like all companies that are growing, it can seem daunting to keep a culture alive, but Jacques Panis works on maintaining his High Five culture day to day. Housed in the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, Panis walks the halls to give out high fives and works to maintain the exceptional experience well known to customers of Shinola, even if their store is in Hawaii. Shinola is a company to watch, and Jacques is a leader to listen to – so don’t miss this week’s The Trep Talk to learn about the company, it’s mission and keeping the culture alive and well.

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