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Samaritas and Its Mission to Bring Positive Changes across Michigan

Michigan Business Network
March 26, 2020 4:00 PM

samaritas-logo-webChris Holman recently (before the Stay Home -- Stay Safe Order went into effect) spent some time with Sam Beals, CEO at Samaritas based in Detroit, but Samaritas services are throughout the state of Michigan

Hear Sam and Chris discuss Samaritas, click play on the PodCast below:

•             An overview on all of Samaritas’ programs

•             Success stories in the community and within Samaritas itself

•             The spirit of collaboration between Samaritas programs and the community

•             How can the community get involved

•             A bit of Sam's background, examples of Samaritas at work and where they go from here.

Shared as information for the business community about the current foster care crisis. Sam is an expert who can speak about this. As, there are currently around 13,000 children and young adults in the foster care system. For the last 85 years, Samaritas has been dedicated to changing these lives in Lansing and around the state. As Michigan’s largest private foster care organization, they help over 800 children daily – but they can’t do it alone. Businesses play a big role in supporting foster care and the communities they live in

Sam Beals, CEO at Samaritas, shares Samaritas’ 2020 vision, the state of the foster care system and what local businesses can do to support the cause? 

Samaritas Senior Living

Samaritas Foster Care

Samaritas Affordable Living

Samaritas New Americans

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