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Real World Experience to Reduce Risk, Bottom Line Cyber Security with Josh Gambala

Bottom Line IT
May 8, 2017 5:30 PM

forum17MBN640x960-1.jpgBottom Line I.T. took to the road recently. MBN's Jeffrey Mosher fills in for ASK President Michael Maddox, who was a Panel Moderator, for "Real World Experience to Reduce Risk". The session opened up the after lunch program for the day in Novi, MI, April 25th for the MMA/NCMS I Love Manufacturing Forum.

Jeffrey catches up with ASK's Enhanced Security Services Manager Josh Gambala for the Bottom Line feature segment, 'Bottom Line Cyber Security'. Josh gives some take-aways from the panel discussion, and the overall forum going on that day.

The interview is followed by part six of excerpts from the panel discussion. Panel moderator was Bottom Line I.T host (and Just ASK's) President Michael Maddox.

Joining Mike on the panel are Phil Sponsler, Orbitform, Jamey Southland, Fibre Converters, and Bill Klemm of Melling Tool.

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