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“Profit through Change” Co-Author Talks Lean Practices

The Leaning Edge
February 16, 2018 1:00 PM

59401413_Kindle Ready Front Cover JPEG_6450770.jpgDebra Levantrosser talks with Karl Eberle, co-author of Top 100, bestselling Amazon.com book “Profit through Change”. The book delivers the message that “Change is Good!” for business, with proven wins and effective results.

Karl Eberle, a well-respected senior operations and industrial leader, offers extensive and credible expertise. He has consistently developed teams and provided key oversight to enable organizations to achieve superior results on projects, restructuring, competitiveness, and growth initiatives. With hands on working experience in key functional disciplines across several industries and a strong technical background, Karl brings the “real world” experience and leadership know-how to be effective in a variety of situations, including:
 Labor Strategy/Negotiations
 Manufacturing Expansion, domestic and international
 Operational Competitiveness
 Complexity Impact
 Executive Leadership Decision Making
 Functional/Matrix Leadership and Integration
 Communication Strategy
 Employee Engagement

Insight on "Profit through Change, What's Next?"

The key to success is your ability to adapt and improve through effective change. If you are not satisfied with your company performance, then change is not only in order but also absolutely essential to achieving new heights.

A critical step is Senior Leadership internalizing that there is a problem. Complacency is dangerous to the life and longevity of any company or team. When you are not satisfied with your current performance including profits, time to market, creativity, cost structure, and new products – solutions are critical.

Trusted outside guidance can assist you with improving your company’s senior leadership effectiveness while increasing profits. Karl Eberle and Manny Barriger have combined their experience to assist those at the top — to develop the best approach to, direction for, and strategy by implementing effective change from the top down.

Learn how to identify issues and implement solutions that mesh with your company’s ability to deal with change.

More about co-author Manny Barriger:Manny.jpg
Mr. Barriger has been involved with some of the world’s best companies, and brings a pedigree that has been defined by exceptional results and achievements. He has played a pivotal role in helping companies achieve a higher understanding and delivery of World Class Performance. This has been accomplished through benchmark breakthroughs in design and team deliveries.

Prior to creating and launching Rent-A-Blackbelt ® corporation, he had been part of several major well known teams in the world of problem solving. Including Six Sigma Management Institute, and Booz Allen Hamilton on the leadership board in Lean Six Sigma for the corporation world wide. Currently he is the only Certified Master Blackbelt in the world to have been trained by both Dr. Mikel Harry and Forrest Breyfogle.

The Leaning Edge, hosted by Debra Levantrosser, she speaks with leaders, implementers and believers in the lean philosophy to share their successes and struggles in hopes that they will help others in their lean journey.

The show focuses on the fact that lean is a mindset and a culture, not a set of process improvement tools, and shows how this approach can make your city, state and country an even stronger and more successful, stable place one organization at a time and one person at a time.

The “Lean” philosophy refers to engaging and involving all levels of employees in development of ideas to provide value to customers by aiming for high quality, low cost and short lead time. A specific kind of leadership style is seen in successful lean organizations which includes rewarding experimentation and developing people into problem solvers.

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