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NexTech Lansing Hires New School Leader with Fresh Vision

Michigan Business Beat
August 30, 2018 4:00 PM

Jamie DewittJeffrey Mosher welcomes Jamie DeWitt, Principal, NexTech Lansing to MBN's Michigan Business Beat. 

OKEMOS, Mich. – NexTech Lansing will start the new school year under the direction of a new innovative leader. Jamie DeWitt is welcomed to the school as the new principal.

DeWitt began her educational career 12 years ago and has a background in blended learning in schools throughout Michigan. She most recently comes from the position as Director of Blended Professional Learning at Michigan Virtual.

DeWitt received her bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Aquinas College and her master’s degree in K-12 educational administration from Michigan State University.  

“I am excited to set the vision and drive the school forward to motivate the students,” DeWitt said. “I look forward to working with an awesome group of teachers on the cutting edge, along with working together to reach each student when they walk through the physical, and virtual, doors at NexTech High School.”

NexTechDeWitt is a strong believer in NexTech’s small class sizes and blended learning model allowing teachers to provide more personalized support to students. Her goal is to help students understand and advance in core subjects, while also assisting them to develop and expand their own unique interests.

“Something didn’t work for our students in the traditional school setting and we are here to help them,” DeWitt said. “We can drive the bus and if there isn’t a road, we can make our own.”

The only “typical” thing about a day at NexTech High School is that it’s customized to each student’s individual personalized learning needs, whether on-campus or studying online. NexTech students and staff work together to bring more value to the time spent on-campus by learning, exploring and deepening their knowledge. The virtual time provides teachers and success coaches the data they need to provide the correct interventions and support for each individual student. Students are also able to participate in supplemental experiences, community partnerships and opportunities to explore career and college options.

Current students, families and interested community members were invited to attend NexTech Lansing’s open house on Aug. 21 from 5 to 7 p.m.  As discussed in the interview it was a chance to meet DeWitt (Java with Jamie) and the other staff members, tour the school and learn more about the blended learning model.

While the open house has passed nextechhigh.org/lansing-openhouse is a way to be in contact with the school.

To hear Jamie and Jeffrey discuss her new role, and the school please click play on the embedded SoundCloud PodCast shared below.


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