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NEWS RELEASE: Sparrow Caregivers get hairy to win Who-Grew-It-Best contest for men’s health awareness

Michigan Business Network
December 10, 2019 4:00 PM

Samuel Vsetula RadiologyLANSING, MI – The men of Sparrow helped to change the face of male health by participating in the hospital’s inaugural Who-Grew-It-Best contest, designed to bring attention to Movember.

More than 1,600 Caregivers cast ballots for 37 of their colleagues who entered in two categories, Old Growth (for existing facial hair) and New Growth (for whiskers grown during November’s Men’s Health Awareness Month).

The hairy winners were Samuel Vsetula, an X-ray Technician in the Radiology Department, for his impressive existing beard, and the men of the Neurology Intensive Care Unit for their “fabulous beards.”

Participants were asked to grow a Mo (or a beard, goatee, or Van Dyke) and submit a photo for voting by Caregivers. Men played for pride, and their health.

Movember is a worldwide movement that takes place every November to emphasize the importance of healthy habits for men, who are sometimes hesitant to share their health concerns. Sparrow stepped up its efforts this year for men to take control of their health, not only sponsoring the Who-Grew-It-Best contest but providing regular health tips for our male Caregivers.

“We do a great job here at Sparrow taking care of Patients and family members. However, many Caregivers, especially men, don’t put their health on as high of a priority,” said Alan Vierling, President and Chief Nursing Officer, Sparrow Hospital.

“Movember provides an opportunity to start a conversation about the importance of talking more openly about men’s health.”

For more information about men’s health issues, go to sparrow.org/smgurology.

Men of 10 West Neuro ICU

Men of the Neurology Intensive Care Unit


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