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New Innovation Gives the Confidence to Walk

Michigan Business Network
February 17, 2017 9:30 AM

Patient.pngJeffrey Mosher visits Mary Free Bed at Sparrow rehabilitation unit to find out about SafeGait, a new innovation helping people walk. In this segment patient Chris Stuchell of Lansing provides a patience perspective.

Sparrow’s Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Clinicin Lansing installed a new piece of equipment this recent November and December, that will help those needing to learn to walk in a safe environment. The SafeGait system therapy team has been training and getting familiar with the harness and its software, and patients like Chris Stuchell are starting to see the benefits.

The SafeGait system is a type of unweighing training system, which utilizes a harness that resembles a parachute harness, giving him the confidence to attempt walking without the fear of falling. The harness is put on the patient, and a member of the therapy team can adjust the settings to take off a portion of the patient’s body weight. While a patient may not have enough strength to walk, sit or go up stairs with 100% of their body weight, lessening it can make the task achievable.

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