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MMA: Manufacturing’s Plan for Michigan

Michigan Business Network
August 24, 2017 3:00 PM

thmb_agenda17cover.jpg Michigan’s economy is growing — but more remains to be done. Discover the industry’s top priorities for the 2017-2018 Legislative Session and help keep manufacturing moving forward.

Thanks to strong support of MMA’s advocacy efforts, we have created a strong economic environment for Michigan manufacturing. Our state is leading the nation in manufacturing job growth, with 167,000 new manufacturing jobs since the recession and savings of more than $1 billion in the annual cost of doing business in Michigan. This is clear evidence that a pro-manufacturing agenda has a positive impact on the Michigan economy.

We are manufacturing focused and member-driven and the Legislative & Regulatory Agenda is crafted by those members to further manufacturing competitiveness.

MMA looks forward to continued work with the Governor and Legislature to continue Michigan’s manufacturing-based recovery. Manufacturing is in Michigan’s DNA and we’ll continue to remind the world of that very fact.

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