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Michigan’s Continual Improvement Effort at the Intersection of Government and Healthcare

The Leaning Edge
May 17, 2017 5:00 PM

Picture1.jpgDennis Sergent, Chair – Michigan Len Consortium and President, Sergent Results Group, talks with Debra about “Bringing Clarity Out of Chaos" – Michigan’s Continual Improvement Effort at the Intersection of Government and Healthcare. Here is more on Dennis: 

Dennis has developed and delivered dozens of learning workshops on innovation, performance management systems, quality and lean subjects, including keynotes to many organizations, including the Project Management Institute and the Deming International Research Conference. He is Chair and Board member of the Michigan Lean Consortium, a former Board member of the Capital Quality Initiative and Dayton Defense. He was a visiting scholar in Lean at Oakland University and has certified Lean Green Belts for the State of Michigan and also teaches Elite Leadership curriculum for AT&T, among others.


He currently works with the State of Michigan to transform the way the long term supports and services are provided to aging adults and those with disabilities. This includes how local and state agencies use Lean to help people move out of nursing homes and back into the community. With a singular focus on customers, communications and teamwork in industry, government and education, Dennis is writing a “how to” book to share the story of that transformation. So far, the current system has found over 700 improvement ideas, over $700 Million in waste, and the first major improvement in non-emergency medical transportation has resulted in cycle time reductions from three weeks to less than 30 minutes, increased customer satisfaction and over $6.5 million in budget savings. The health impacts are yet being measured while the broader effort continues to improve other such processes in the system. “I’ve seen profound impacts of quality improvement of care for people in many communities, linked by their shared values in the long term care system.”

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