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Michigan Economic Forecast Series - Stop #5 (Automation Alley)

Michigan Business Beat
January 17, 2020 4:00 PM

IMG_6137On Thursday, Jan.16th Automation Alley held their Global Economic Outlook for 2020 and Beyond. The annual outlook features international business experts discussing the global economy and how companies can take advantage of the opportunities and challenges of doing business around the world in 2020. 

The speakers focus on industries, countries and regions around the world where growth opportunities are particularly strong. They also examine projected trends in two-way trade and investment flows and identify industries that will either benefit or be challenged by globalization in the short, medium and long terms.

Chris Holman (Founder and CEO of Michigan Business Network) presents the Michigan Business Future Index at Automation Alley's Global Economic Outlook for 2020. 

Watch full live presentation HERE
Courteous of Automation Alley

Emcee, Panel Moderater 
Noel Neveshir - Director, International Business Services and Industry 4.0 Strategic Partnerships, Automation Alley

Keynote Presentation: Forecasting the Business and Economic Outlook
James E. Glassman - Managing Director, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Head Economist, Chase Commercial Banking

Michigan's Future Business Index
Chris Holman - Founder and CEO, Michigan Business Network

Panel Discussion: Opportunities and Challenges of Doing Business Overseas
Elena Stegemann - Chief Operating Officer, McCreadie Group, Inc.
Gianluca Romano - President of Americas, MiC Customs Solutions 
Tim Finerty - CPA, Shareholder, Clayton & McKervey
David Newhouse - International Trade Development Manager, MEDC
Paul Ryznar - President & CEO, OPS Solutions LLC, Light Guide Systems 

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Michigan Business Beat, hosted by Chris Holman, discusses economic development, new or unusual entrepreneurial initiatives, and successful business practices from different regions and industries around Michigan with a wide range of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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