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Michigan Economic Forecast Series 2019 - Stop #4 (Capital Region)

Michigan Business Network
December 30, 2019 11:00 AM

CD130-0260Michigan Business Network recently held its annual Michigan Economic Forecast Series breakfast (capital region) this is stop #4 going around the state. The events share reviews of 2019 and a look ahead for Michigan in 2020.

Whether you were able to be on hand with us or not, provided is an audio recap of that morning. Click play on the PodCasts shared below.

This year's panel includes:
Chris Holman - Michigan Business Network
Jade Sims - International Business Center at MSU
Mike Maurer - Accident Fund Insurance of America
Jack Schripsema - Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau
Tim Damen - Lansing Regional Chamber
Bob Trezise - Lansing Economic Area Partnership
Dr. Charles Ballard - Michigan State University

Part of the breakfast included the release of the Michigan Future Business Index Survey. The latest Michigan Future Business Index (MFBI) data show more than eight-in-ten (82 percent) of statewide business leaders representing small- to mid-sized businesses remain satisfied with the overall economy. Satisfaction is strongest in West Michigan (88 percent) and Metro Detroit (82 percent). . Link to 2019 Fall MFBI Survey: FALL 2019 MFBI REPORT (pdf)

Watch full presentation now! 

Review a detailed summary of the year-end 2019 Michigan Future Business Index at  http://www.michiganbusinessnetwork.com/michigan-future-business-index-1

About the Michigan Economic Forecast Series Since 2012, The Michigan Economic Forecast Series is an annual occurrence for the Michigan Business Network. Each stop is strategically located across the state of Michigan to include all the industries that collectively make up our states business climate.

One highlight of the series are the most current results of the Michigan Future Business Index Survey. Since 2006, the Michigan Business Network, the Accident Fund Insurance Company of America and Paul King of ROI Insight have been surveying business leaders. Thanks to the participation of these business leaders we are able to amplify their voices and provide data for business advocacy organizations and policymakers to help Michigan businesses prosper.

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