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MCSB Awardee - Firebolt Group, Inc

Michigan Celebrates Small Business
April 4, 2016 9:00 PM

FireboltNamed one of Michigan 50 Companies to Watch

Hannan Lis is Executive Chairman of the Firebolt Group has been involved with the company since its beginning. Hannan is a serial entrepreneur and as CEO of Lis Ventures LLC is involved with companies in the technology and service sectors. Hannan has been deeply involved in establishing Firebolt’s strategy and assisting in its growth. In addition, Hannan is COO and Principal of The WW Group Inc. (Weight Watchers). Hannan is also active in many charitable organizations including Detroit Public Television, Forgotten Harvest and the Michigan Israel Business Bridge.

From stunning edge-lit signage to one-of-a-kind, animated led point-of-purchase experiences, Firebolt is your source for the best in consumer engagement-driven display solutions.

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