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MCSB Awardee - BizStream

Michigan Celebrates Small Business
April 12, 2016 7:30 PM

Named one of Michigan 50 Companies to Watch


BizStream just isn't the kind of place where we sit down to painstakingly hash out and write mission and vision statements. It's not how we're made. But, make no mistake, BizStream has a plan. From that day in 2001 when Mark Schmidt brought BizStream into the world, he knew what the DNA of the company needed to be.

At the turn of the millennium, BizStream came to life to design a highly customized intranet portal for a multinational company. Just a year later, BizStream's staff had grown and we became a full-service software and web development company. Today, clients include industry leaders, both big and small, as well as non-profit agencies and family-owned businesses. 

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