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Matt Cusson: The man, the myth, the music

Show Biz Weekly
June 27, 2017 11:00 AM

matt cusson.jpgSegment 1 - Matt Cusson: The man, the myth, the music of Massachusetts born Cusson is detailed on his latest album that dropped May 5, 2017 “Only Human”. The project, which is a compilation of eclectic tracks that Cusson admittedly reveals himself intimately on, details a journey that has been the highs and lows of life.

Segment 2 - Matt Cusson: “Only Human” features 15 tracks that in some cases took over 9 years to finish and present. One of the tracks also includes long time friend and Broadway and television singer/actor Megan Hilty “You Don’t Know Me”. Cusson shares how he couldn’t do an album without having Hilty on it. Their friendship has grown over the many years and Cusson is often on tour with Hilty.

Segment 3- Matt Cusson: Shy and introverted, but talented Cusson’s career began as a featured artist on the short lived Bryan McKnight television show. It was during this time that another television show launched “Deal or No Deal” hosted by Howie Mandel, the show featured models holding brief cases, turned out to be a fortuitous meeting at a party where Cusson met a new friend, one of the models from “ DOND” who became his roommate and that roommate Lisa, is now his lovely wife.

Segment 4- Matt Cusson: The songs from Only Human have garnered a new awakening in Cusson. As he sees his story SHOW BIZ WEEKLY WITH TAYLOR KELSAW &amp; MICHAEL MCCALLUM unfold, he shares a lot, including his time spent in a mental hospital. The important lessons Cusson took away from that experience and its impact on his present life are very present, thorough and altering. The track “Call Me Crazy” shares some insight into what life was life for the artist during these dark days.

Segment 5- Matt Cusson: Magic is hard to create and music magic creation is no exception. Cusson’s journey to create Only Human was a long journey. Advice he gives to the young artists in the world is to “practice, practice, practice, and don’t forget to ask questions.”

Segment 6 - Matt Cusson-Cusson’s music is available on iTunes and everywhere music is sold. He is also going on tour with the music from the album in and around New York. You can find his music at www.mattcusson.com and you can find him on FB, IG, Youtube!

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