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"Lucky Jay" picks up best Screen Play and Actor at Eclipse Awards

Show Biz Weekly
June 23, 2017 4:00 PM

luckyjay.jpgSBW welcomes writer Professor Harper Philbin back to the show to talk about the latest updates on: webseries “Lucky Jay”.

Segment 1- Harper Philbin: Professor Philbin’s life is not that unlike the title character in his well received, webseries “Lucky Jay”, with the exception that he is not a struggling professor seeking to find himself at almost middle age, or in love with movie making more than other human beings, Like Lucky Jay is. Jay is the story of a professor who thinks that his life is not meant to be what it is right now at this very minute and he seeks out to do everything he can to make it count.

Segment 2- J. Harper Philbin: Grand Valley State University has been the welcomed home for Prof.Philbin for over 20 years in the film department there. The very archaic phrase “ If you can’t do it, teach it” does not apply in Philbin’s case as he continues to word smith and deliver the likes of films, webseries and a feature film in preproduction currently. Lucky Jay is has two season under it’s belt and there’s the possibility that season 3 is just around the corner.

Segment 3- J. Harper Philbin: The part of Lucky Jay is well acted and delivered with credability by the likes of our co-host of SBW, Michael McCallum. McCallum shares what his character is based on and how he made “choices” to be Lucky Jay to live. Season 2, takes on the character of another professor and follows his midlife crisis unfolding.

Segment 4- J. Harper Philbin: Delivered at the this years’ Eclipse Awards in Grand Rapids, Lucky Jay brought home “best screenplay” and “actor” nods. The success of this story has garnered a feeling in Philbin that it never too late to make it happen and he continues to so with other works. He also suggests that if you want to write, and then start writing.

Segment 5- J. Harper Philbin: Motivated by the success of Lucky J, Philbin has begun the preproduction stages of his epic dream of making a western setting film this summer. The film, which hopes will film in Arizona or New Mexico, is a story that he has had in mind for some time and he is ready to bring it to life. For more on J. Harper Philbin go to his FB page J. Harper Philbin, or to the www.gvsu.edu film department or go binge watch “Lucky Jay ” at www.luckyjayseries.com

Segment 6- Post Script: J. Harper Philbin: Lucky Jay is a fresh take on the college experience. Rather than the standard student perspective, this fun and witty web series takes the point of view of a professor. Each new episode delves into the life of a young professor facing his tenure review at a midwestern college. Jay's constant antics and sometimes-questionable classroom methods only add to the humor of this award-winning, scripted web series. 

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