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Listen to the visionary conversation surrounding entrepreneurship as culture

The Trep Talk
December 15, 2016 3:30 PM

James Felton Keith Image.jpegCatching the eye of IBM and having a company incubated by them, with no strings attached, demonstrated to James Felton Keith, founder of the Keith Institute, that predictive analytics was the next wave of technology. James is the guest this week on The Trep Talk. Listen to the visionary conversation surrounding entrepreneurship as culture and defining Personal Data as an asset class and the next wave of valuation.

James' interest in the anthropological study of culture as it applies to technology, because tech changes so quickly, is where he’s found business opportunities. Acknowledging people’s intrinsic value is part of his ongoing vision and goal. In his definition of Personal Data as an Asset Class, it is thetransactional meta data points that are inputs to products, services and policy, and using those data points to create is key to creating success.

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