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LEAP’s Hatching Pitch Competition

Pure Lansing
November 3, 2017 9:00 AM

the hatching.pngMBN was on the road to visit LEAP’s Hatching Pitch Competition held at the Lansing Brewing Company. The Hatching is a monthly event and part of a community-wide effort to support local entrepreneurs and make the Lansing region a great place to start a business.

The event helps move new, local business ideas from concept to reality. Ideas are submitted, voted on, and five get the opportunity to pitch their concepts on stage.


October's competition featured business ideas from competitors including:
A pop-up restaurant featuring locally sourced ingredients, communal dining & shared experiences.
A service that works with sick children to turn their artwork into phone cases, with a portion of sales going directly to the child and to a charity.
Arts and crafts subscription box that comes with a video link to follow a fun professional artist while completing numerous fun art projects.
A yoga mat using basic shapes and colors in a pattern that assists poses to proper form and alignment and to help keep you on track. -
An app that acts as a network for students to rent out their dresses/formal clothes to other students.

The SoundCloud Playlist shared below takes you through the whole experience on that evening.
Segment one opens with an interview of the evening's winner, then circles back to the beginning of the event.



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