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LCC AMA presenting the “Manifest Your Life Empowerment Tour”

Michigan Business Network
August 25, 2017 10:00 AM

lccM.jpg Inspiring motivation and the knowing the keys to success that lead to successful business habits isn’t something you are just born with. It must be learned. That’s why the Lansing Community College American Marketing Association will be presenting the “Manifest Your Life Empowerment Tour”.

The event is an opportunity to bridge the gap between being a budding entrepreneur and becoming a thriving entrepreneur. The event will be on Saturday, September 30, 2017 at LCC’s West Campus, 5708 Cornerstone Drive, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The cost of the event, which includes breakfast and lunch is $79, but students can attend for just $25.


Participants will be learning from prominent business leaders about the essential attributes in becoming a successful businessperson in today’s changing world. The event will be hosted by Chichi Njoku of ChiTV, a seven-time award winning film producer and entertainer.

The keynote speaker Princess Dr. Fumi Hancock is a bestselling author of eleven books, four of which are bestsellers. Princess Fumi, was a nurse practitioner turned screenwriter of five films, including the award-winning movie, “Of Sentimental Value”. She is also the host of her own lifestyle show “Princess in Suburbia”.

The event will feature local guest speaker Chris Holman, the founder and CEO of Michigan Business Network, a Michigan-based business broadcasting company. Starting his professional life as a coach, he has since used his skills as an entrepreneur to successfully start businesses, launch magazines, and run companies. He is the host of two popular talk programs on the Michigan Business Network.

The second guest speaker Linda Hundt. She is a sought-after speaker who brings an inspirational message of faith, communication, and business success to audiences across the country. After achieving her lifelong dream of owning her own pie shop in DeWitt, the award-winning Sweetie-licious Bakery Café; she is now nationally recognized. Participants will hear how she utilized her grassroots public relations opportunities to accomplish her entrepreneurial goals.

The third guest speaker is Dale Carnegie’s Servant Leader Phil Zeller. He started out his career working minimum wage jobs, but now coaches Fortune 500 executives and leaders to successfully produce results through improved customer relations. Whether he speaks in an elementary school, middle school, high school, community college, university, or a corporate boardroom, the question that he asks is the same: “How many lives have you changed for the better today!”

Breakfast, lunch, and a goodie bag to take home will be provided to participants. The Lansing Community College American Marketing is a student organization that has also achieved national recognition. Registration and sign-up has begun and is available on their official EventBrite page. For more information, visit www.lccama.com


For more information on Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, visit https://www.worldoffumihancock.com/michigan-empowerment-tour

For more information on Chichi Njoku , visit http://www.chichimovies.com/edna-chichi-njoku.html 

For more information on Chris Holman, visit http://www.michiganbusinessnetwork.com/ 

For more information on Linda Hundt, visit http://www.sweetie-licious.com/Lindas-Blog  

For more information on Phil Zeller, visit https://www.philzeller.com/

To sign up or register for event, visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/1st-annual-lansings-princess-of-suburbia-empowerment-tour-tickets-36805668746 

For more information on LCC AMA, visit http://www.lccama.com/

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