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Interviews from Tech Crawl by Thom Cannell - A Shunpikers Journal

A Shunpiker's Journal
July 25, 2017 5:00 PM

Cannell.jpgOur friend and colleague Thom Cannell collected some interviews from the recent AutoCom Associates Tech Crawl event where a variety of automotive industry suppliers gather to tell the stories of their companies and products. In addition to being a veteran auto journalist Thom also provides editorial services to AutoCom. 

AAEAAQAAAAAAAALiAAAAJDlkMjM0NzI0LTcwZjctNDRiZi04NmEwLTgyOTllZDRhZmM2NQ.jpegSegment 1 - Anja Sprenger, president of HPBO North America, is presiding over two new North American factories and an R&D facility focused on the development and manufacturing of front end modules. The new Windsor, Ontario plant makes the modules for the new Chrysler Pacifica.


dr.jpegSegment 2 - Mahle is a German company involved in development of engine and powertrain components for many automakers. Company spokesman Dr. Joachim Wagenblast talks about the problem of low-speed pre-ignition, particularly a problem with new gasoline direct ignition engtines, and what his company is doing to mitigate the problem. 


Segment 3 - Thomas Parker, manager of North American Automotive Sales for Inficon, talks about his company’s high-tech leak testing processes particularly relating to modern batteries. With hybrid and electric cars rapidly coming onto the scene using ever more sophisticated batteries leak testing becomes crucial.


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