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If You Build It They Will Come

The Trep Talk
February 27, 2017 3:00 PM

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The first time Shayna Oliveria made money online she presold a course that didn’t exist! Eighteen people signed up for it and that set up a model that she has used in her business over and over again. Today she’s built up her site www.espressoenglish.net to 600,000 plus visits/month through content marketing and sells 13 online course and numerous eBooks focused on English as a Second Language. She built a relationship with her audience so they know, like and trust her enough to buy her products.

As this week’s guest on The Trep Talk, Shayna shares the struggles she faced as someone who didn’t know what she didn’t know to now being a savvy businesswoman who approaches business as a scientist – experiment, experiment, experiment. She also shares practical and actionable advice for online entrepreneurs who are struggling to grow and ramp their business. Be sure to tune in and listen!

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