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How East Lansing Came to Host Newby Teas of London

Michigan Business Beat
March 15, 2017 11:00 AM


Chris Holman spoke with Raji Singh, North American Business Development Director, Newby Teas of London based in Michigan from East Lansing.

She shares her career path and how this international brand came to find a home in Mid-Michigan.

* Newby Teas of London is a leading international luxury tea company that since it’s founding in 2000 has expanding to 20 countries to achieve its mission of reviving the tea culture. Founded by Mr. Nirmal Sethia, a businessman who’s first love has always been tea and was distressed that tea had become a commodity with mass production focusing on money rather than quality of taste. Mr Sethia was told by his wife “if anyone is going to make history in tea it will be you” and thus Newby was created.

• Newby opened it’s first North American office in August of 2016 in East Lansing, Michigan where it has opened the Chitra & Newby Tea Education Room (C&NTER) a place where friends, families and businesses can join Newby tea specialists in tea tasting and education classes.

• Newby holds over 100 awards for both quality of tea and packaging design. The inspiration behind the Newby packaging came from the status and importance fine tea once held in society. Tea should be beautiful in both taste and presentation.

• The Founder of Newby has created the world’s largest tea antiquities collection, named after his late wife, The Chitra Collection. The Collection houses over 1700 pieces valued at around $300 million and includes the Guinness World Record Most Valuable Teapot, The Egoist, completely studded in diamonds and rubies

• The Collection and 47% of Newby is owned by a UK registered charity, The N Sethia Foundation, which supports causes related to medicine and medical technology, education, disaster relief, and sustainability

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