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Haney’s artistry is on “full”

Show Biz Weekly
June 8, 2017 3:00 PM

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Segment 1- Geoffrey Young Haney: Grand Rapids, Michigan opened up its film production gates some years ago, and there’s a revolution of productions headed our way. Our next guest is a native west Mitten side of the state: author, screenwriter, filmmaker, and musician. A love of the arts, telling these stories, and wanting to share them in an ectoplasm way was a natural fit, especially for a life-long fantasy book, superheroes, pop-punk, genre-film lover like Geoffrey Young Haney.

Segment 2- Haney: Upon his graduation from the Compass College of Cinematic Arts, also in Grand Rapids, Haney partnered with a fellow grad and thus the launch of their company,  “Book of Matches Media” was off and running. The company focuses on story development, where original properties are created, and marketed into multiple integrated franchise platforms. The company he and his partner Brandon K. Tarleton, released the 2017 short “Shadows”, a well acted drama of surreal proportions. The film just took home the Eclipse Award for Best Narrative Short, and was highly regarded in third place at the Audience Choice Awards at the Grand Rapids UICA’s Open Projector Night!

Segment 3- One of Haney’s upcoming next projects are already in preproduction and the first will be a psychological family drama that is set in the 1920’s East Texas. The film entitled “Five Steps To Heaven” was written and developed with Director, Andy Pollack, and filming begins this summer.  Also, in pre, is Book of Matches Media’s supernatural thriller “Impressions”, and another Compass grad, August Kensington, and Haney are partnering on a horror flick “ Pitchfork”.

Segment 6 - PYH: Haney’s artistry is on “full”, outside of his film work; he is about to release his first novel, the young adult fantasy novel “The World Within My Walls”, that he has worked on with his long time collaborator, Matthew A. Rodriquez, the author of “Defenders of Eden”. You will also be able to enjoy another collaboration in the short story collection “ First Impressions, based on “Impressions” screenplay. Joining him on this project are authors: Mercedes M. Yardley, Ryan Larson, Jay Van Veen, and E. Nolan Carter.

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