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Grand Rapids Metrology Announces Fifth Generation Founding Family Member As New President

Michigan Business Beat
July 5, 2018 3:00 PM

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Megan Spruit, 32, named next President of the 96-year old Michigan-based company

Grand Rapids Metrology, the largest provider of measurement services in Michigan, announced in June that Megan Spruit, 32, will be promoted to the position of President effective July 1. She speaks with Jeffrey Mosher about her background, the company and the transition into this role.

Megan Spruit, daughter of current CEO Richard Spruit, is the fifth generation of the 96-year old family business. Richard Spruit will remain in the position of CEO. Grand Rapids Metrology currently has offices in Grand Rapids, Benton Harbor, Bay City, Battle Creek and Metro Detroit.

Megan Spruit joined Grand Rapids Metrology in 2012 and has held positions in sales and marketing, service management, and currently holds the title of Vice President of Operations. She was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan and holds a bachelor’s degree in International Management from Butler University and earned an M.B.A. at Grand Valley State University.


“My predecessors left big shoes to fill, but I am incredibly passionate about taking our business to the next level, while still honoring our almost 100-year history,” said Megan Spruit, incoming President of Grand Rapids Metrology. “This is a very exciting time for GRM and our team is currently working on several innovative projects that will set us up for significant growth within the next few years.”


For this interview Jeffrey finds out about her background and discusses;  

  • Grand Rapids Metrology being the largest provider of measurement services in Michigan.
  • How Megan's promotion to the position of President effective July 1 came to happen.
  • The story behind Grand Rapids Metrology having offices in Grand Rapids, Benton Harbor, Bay City, Battle Creek and Metro Detroit.
  • Megan, who was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is the fifth generation of the 96-year-old company. -- How the family lines trace down to her.
  • Megan earned an M.B.A at Grand Valley State University and joined Grand Rapids Metrology in 2012, what roles did she carry on her way to being the new President.

Listen to the full interview with Megan by clicking on the embedded SoundCloud PodCast here! 

Formerly known as Grand Rapids Scale Company, the company changed its name to Grand Rapids Metrology in 2013 to more accurately reflect its ever-expanding scope of services. In the years before 2013, Grand Rapids Metrology’s focus was on the sales and service of industrial and heavy-capacity weighing equipment. The company has spent the last 10 years expanding their services into non-weighing equipment, including temperature/humidity, electronics, dimensioning and more.

The industry-leading precision measurement company was founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1922 when founder Charles Irwin began selling wagon scales. During the course of almost 100 years, the company has seen continued growth, much of which is attributed to five generations of dedicated family management. Richard Spruit, Megan Spruit’s father, has been CEO of Grand Rapids Metrology since 1993. 

“I feel as though I need to address the announcement of Megan becoming President both as her father and her employer. As her father, words cannot describe how proud I am. As her employer, there is no question that she has earned this position,” said Richard Spruit, current CEO of Grand Rapids Metrology and father of Megan Spruit. “Megan has the intelligence, passion, sense of innovation and connection with our stakeholders to lead us into our second hundred years.” 

Grand Rapids Metrology is an active member of the Family Business Alliance of Michigan and is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration lab through A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation). 


About Grand Rapids Metrology  Established in 1922, Grand Rapids Metrology is an industry-leading ISO 17025-accredited precision measurement company.  Its core business focuses on providing customers with prompt, professional, and precise industrial measurement solutions. With 5 locations across Michigan, GRM team members work to exceed customer’s expectations through their A2LA accredited ISO 17025 scope of capabilities. Grand Rapids Metrology serves customers in the manufacturing, medical, agriculture, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, aggregate, automotive, waste & recycling and chemical industries.  For more information about Grand Rapids Metrology, visit www.grmetrology.com.


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