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For the Love of Acting

Show Biz Weekly
February 23, 2017 4:00 PM

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John DeMarco- The Lansing based actor/producer returns to Show Biz Weekly with news on his role in the 36 Hour Film Challenge, a part of the Grand Rapids Short Festival. This recent short, was directed by Lansing based filmmakers, Aaron GM Clark and Andrew K. Tebeau, and of course working with SBW co-host McCallum on the upcoming “Confidence of A Tall Man” from Rebel Pictures.

Segment 4: DeMarco, who was born in Lansing, is of Italian heritage and his family traces back to Ellis Island. His love of acting began early, and he fell in love with the iconic TV show “The Soprano’s”. He even tried to get on set… After that, he learned that it might be better to go the conventional way, and he landed in local commercials, commercial print work for advertising agencies. The love of working in the arts has also led to acting in: “Street Boss”, 2009 FBI Mobster Story, “DOG”, 2007 suspense horror thriller, the Mystery “Locked in A Room”, look him also in the upcoming: “Dead Bolt”, “Wild Faith”, and of course the Rebel Pictures, “Confidence of A Tall Man”.

Segment 5: Entertainment news and DeMarco stay throughout the show. Updates on legendary Al Jarreau, and who passed away at 76 in Los Angeles and Kelsaw shares his stories of Jarreau and how he left his job as a vocal therapist to venture into singing full time and won 7 Grammy’s during his career. His live voice, an instrument unlike any and which he continued to share up until his untimely death, will live now through our recordings. Check out www.aljarreau.com for more on the iconic artist.

Segment 6: In other news, shout outs to Lucas Holiday, Cyrus Hutchings, and Grant Woell. Woell, who left Michigan a year ago to relocate to Hollywood, discovered he was looking for something different than LA had to offer him at this time and he just moved to Nashville, where he has already taken off with producing tracks for up and coming new artists. A little political news about You Know Who, and that’s SBW for this week! 

Thanks for listening in!!!

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