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Developing News, Updates, and Charitable Efforts of Douglas J.

Michigan Business Beat
July 4, 2019 8:00 AM

djaVEDA.pngChris Holman catches up with, Scott Weaver, President and Co-Owner of Douglas J Companies/ Douglas J Aveda Institute. Okemos, East Lansing, Ann Arbor, Rochester Hills, Byron Center, Grand Rapids, MI,
They review several topics including: 
• Douglas J has committed to moving its salon into the Village of Okemos project, which allows the company to stay and grow in Meridian Township for the foreseeable future if the project proceeds.

To hear Scott and Chris's conversation press play on the PodCast shared below:

• The Village of Okemos has been designed by a team of the nation's best planning, architecture, engineering, landscape, community engagement, traffic and community experts to ensure it is a national model for redevelopment. The team's goal is to reinvigorate a historic hamlet that now has only one remaining historic structure, rebuilding it into a thriving village with a walkable downtown, and establishing it as a true commercial and cultural center for Meridian Township.

IMG_6035-1• At each step in the process, The Village of Okemos team has partnered with Meridian Township to understand and incorporate the township's health and safety goals for walkability, pedestrian orientation and high-quality, durable building materials; to increase the township's prosperity goals and citizen welfare by increasing property values which will support necessary public services; and to enhance diversity goals with new types of residential uses in a close-knit community design, per the township's Master Plan.

•The development team - led by local developer Will Randle - is proposing a $100 million-plus investment into this blighted and much-neglected key area of downtown Okemos by transforming it into a vibrant, walkable, beautiful community asset filled with businesses and housing options requested by the local community. The proposed project is a mixed-use multistory community with public and private parking centered around a small downtown with restaurants and small boutique shops.


• Current concepts include building designs that are an elegant take on the historic structures commonly found in Michigan's early 20th-century village downtowns, leveraging varied roof lines, abundant windows, and different building materials such as wood, brick and stone.

IMG_6023• The proposed development is currently designed to include first- and potentially second-floor restaurant, retail and service space, to be filled based on a comprehensive market analysis of what the location can support, paired with community feedback and requests.

• The residential component of the project also has been refined based on community feedback. The currently proposed residential component includes approximately 200 luxury units.

Image result for JDRF• Meanwhile there is also the Douglas J Golf Outing benefiting JDRF will be at The Brookshire Inn & Golf Club MONDAY, JULY 29, 2019 Williamston, MI.

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