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Creative Journey Starts with a “Nazi Punch”

Show Biz Weekly
March 29, 2017 5:00 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 2.30.01 PM.pngSegment 1: MSU College of Communications Arts and Sciences grad (‘2016) Charlie Caruso sits in for Michael McCallum as co-host today. Caruso, a first time co-host and guest, is now a filmmaker himself, and he shares some insight of his project news as a he approaches his submission into the Capital City Festival’s Forth Night event. His entry entitled “Nazi Punch” , clearly about punching Nazi’s, is an example of the type of films he would like to make. “Horror, blood,  and gore” are his main staples in filmmaking right now. We wish him well on this creative journey and can’t wait to see the finished product.

Segment 2: We talk Hollywood politics, beginning with Tim Allen’s very trashy statement about Hollywood being “filled with Nazi’s” and please trust us that this was not an intention theme of today’s show. Then we delve into the Trump administration talks of not supporting many avenues of the arts, Meals On Wheels, and the skyrocketing cost this administration has wasted in the costs of his weekend trips to Mar Largo, so much it’s been tallied as enough to feed thousands of the current recipients  of the MOW!

Segment 3: The conversation continues with the disregard of “PDT” continuing dilutions of what the job is and he has a presidency run by a “swamp” filled with a cyst pool of uneducated volunteers in American politics, or is it just guess and misfires? The unanswered stories of so many unanswered questions don’t seem to bother many, and with a list of hypocritical outcomes still yet to come, what they really seem to be in love with is a continuing effort to avoid reality. The GOP’s powerful art lovers will continue support the arts to the not allow the future of art programs to end, the lovers always support the arts and will continue to do so. Despite efforts by President Voldermort!

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