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CAMW! MVP for May 2019 | Dart Bank Reviewing Going Pro Talent Fund

Michigan Business Beat
May 28, 2019 3:00 PM


Chris Holman welcomes Karla Spoor SPHR, SHRM-SCP. Senior Vice President/Human Resources. Dart Bank, Mason Office, MI, to the studio. CAMW!  (Capital Area Michigan Work's MVP (Most Valuable Partner) for May 2019 is Dart Bank. Their primary focus is to discuss the Going Pro Talent Fund and how Dart Bank is involved. SO,.. What is the Going Pro Talent Fund?
To hear Karla and Chris discussing Going Pro Talent Fund, press play on the PodCast shared below.

QUESTION: What is the Going Pro Talent Fund?

ANSWER: Going Pro is a partnership formed in 2013 to address the need for
funding to provide additional training opportunities for employees. This partnership
includes the Workforce Development Agency within the Talent Investment Agency, the
Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Michigan Works! agencies,
employers, and community colleges and training programs in Michigan.

QUESTION: What is the goal of the Going Pro Talent Fund?

ANSWER: The goal of the fund is to provide a marketable skill or recognized
credential for people receiving training so participating businesses and employees
are able to compete, expand and make a positive contribution to their local and state

CAMW!.Logo.CMYK-3QUESTION: How did CAMW! invest in training for local businesses?

ANSWER: CAMW! and the State of Michigan Talent Investment Agency invested $1,565,183 in local businesses, allocated through the Going Pro Talent Fund awards. The Business Services Team at CAMW! worked with 40 employers in the region to submit 66 applications for this year’s GPTF funding, with 39 applications approved.

QUESTION: What did the GPTF funds do for local businesses?

ANSWER: They enabled 1,485 people to receive training, resulting in seven newly
registered apprentices with the U.S. Department of Labor. An average of $1,161.11
was spent on each trainee. Each company contributed an average of $149,974 in
additional funding.

QUESTION: How do companies become involved with CAMW! and the GPTF?

ANSWER: The best way to get connected with our Business Services Team is to
either call us at 517-492-5516 or email tsand@camw.net. You can also send us a
message through social media, and we can point you in the right direction.

QUESTION: How long has Dart Bank been involved with the Going Pro Talent Fund?

ANSWER: Dart Bank has applied for, and have been awarded, these funds twice
now. The opportunity is incredible for us to be able to offer more training and
certifications for our employees.

QUESTION: What training has Dart Bank employees received?

ANSWER: In 2016 Dart Bank was able to put 3 employees through IT technical
training – much needed experience as we move forward in this technology
environment. They use this training often to perform their job functions. It has helped
support our existing environment as well as help define our direction going forward.
In 2019 we were able to train 24 of our employees in Leadership Development, with
the help of Lansing Community College’s Business & Community Institute, to hone the
skills needed to coach, mentor and engage our employees.

QUESTION: How important is this training to Dart Bank?

ANSWER: We find it extremely important that our staff is well trained, and experts
in our field. Clients look to us as the experts, and we want to be sure that they are
receiving the best care, up-to-date products and services, and knowledgeable staff to
help them with their financial needs. Training is also valued by employees, as it
helps them feel more empowered, engaged and confident as they grow from the
knowledge gained. They appreciate that we are investing in them and their future
with us.

QUESTION: Has your experience been such that you will apply again in the future if funds are offered?

ANSWER: Absolutely! We have been very thankful for the awards that we have
received, and have gained valuable knowledge through the training. I would highly
recommend to any business that they get involved and apply for these opportunities.

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