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Bottom Line I.T. with Mike Maddox and Erik Jacobsen | May 21

Bottom Line IT
May 23, 2019 4:00 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 3.21.34 PMBottom Line I.T. with Mike Maddox
and Erik Jacobsen. 
RECORDED at ASK May 21 and May 28, 2019.

mm (2)Segment 1
With New Fit Technology Nike Calls Itself a Tech Company

Chances are, you never thought of Nike as a tech company – right? Nike announced its new foot-scanning solution, Nike Fit. With 60% of people wearing the wrong size shoes, Nike wanted to make it incredibly easy to find your correct shoe size. Nike Fit can be accessed through Nike’s app and also through participating stores. This technology uses your phone’s camera, your body and 3D space around you – creating a new experience, especially in the retail world.

Segment 2
Why notification sounds send you emotionally reeling into the past

Each day we hear countless dings, rings, and chimes on our smart devices, alerting us of a new notification. We’re not going to get into how disruptive these notifications are, but what we will dive into is how the importance of these notification sounds have changed over the last few years. Sound designers are carefully crafting notification sounds more now than ever. Why? Because of how notification sounds influence our emotional and mental states. A single ding can send a flood of emotions over us – in just the same way smells do.

Segment 3
Hey, Google, let's drive: How you'll use the new Assistant Driving Mode for Android phones

For those of you who are on the road nonstop, this might come in handy for you! Google is amping up it’s Hey Google features with Assistant Driving Mode. Android users can simply prompt Assistant Driving Mode by saying “Hey, Google, let’s drive”. Now, it doesn’t mean that Google will drive your car, but it does mean that Google will offer to assist you while you are driving. Forgot to call someone back? Google might suggest you take care of that while on the road.

Erik BLIT PhotoSegment 4
Cybercriminals Favor Targeting Top Executives, Small Businesses, Money: Verizon Data Breach Report

Verizon just released its annual security report and as a result, there are some pretty incredible statistics. For instance, they discovered that C-suite executives were 12 times more likely to be a target of security incidents than last year’s report. Additionally, 43% of all breaches occurred at small businesses. So if you think you can continue to fly under the radar – it’s only a matter of time.

Segment 5
Ransomware disables Cleveland airport’s email systems, information screens

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport has some excitement earlier this month with a ransomware attack. While the attack didn’t have any effect on flights, someone reportedly got their hands on some pretty sensitive data including payroll information and other personal information.


Segment 6
Cyber News Rundown: Georgia County Pays for Ransomware Threat

If you don’t think ransomware is a real thing, think again. Jackson County, Georgia is one among of many municipalities that got hit in early May with ransomware. Jackson County paid a six-figure amount in order to regain access to their IT systems. It is reported that Jackson County determined that it would be less costly for them to pay the ransom than it would be to restore their systems themselves.

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