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Bottom Line I.T. with Erik Jacobsen and Amy Mumby January 29, 2019

Bottom Line IT
February 1, 2019 3:00 PM

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Bottom Line I.T. with Erik Jacobsen and Amy Mumby
January 29, 2019

Erik BLIT PhotoSegment 1

Brave browser can now show ads, and soon you'll get 70% of the money


How many websites do you visit contain display ads? While there is definitely a place and time for digital ads, there is truth to saying that we are bombarded with far too many ads. In fact, websites are so saturated with advertisements, we hardly notice them anymore – which defeats their purpose! Well, Brave, is out to fix that. The startup company has a goal to create a browser that will actually pay you to view the ads. So what does this boil down to? Brave’s mission is to give us internet-browsing fiends 70% of the ad revenue.

Segment 2
Judge blasts state agency as court OKs faulty computer system lawsuit


Technology can do wonders for a business, but it doesn’t mean that humans aren’t needed still. In fact, the state of Michigan is a prime example. Because of a computer system that was not monitored by a human, roughly 20,000 Michigan residents were wrongly accused of unemployment insurance fraud. The computer system had an error rate as high as 93%!

Segment 3
Don’t Reply to Your Emails


Managing email messages and one’s inbox has been an overall headache for just about every business owner – or anyone with an email account, really. This article on “Don’t Reply to Your Emails” is a radical approach to managing the flood of emails that come in day in and day out. While many of us have put in place tactics to help us manage the hundreds of emails that come in each day, this approach is pretty drastic. In short, the recommendation is this: accept the fact that you will never achieve Inbox Zero, accept the fact that you cannot reply to every message, accept the fact that you have to be selective on the messages you do respond to, and accept the fact that there will be more messages going unread and not responded to than we care to wish. Can this method work? Is Inbox Zero something we cannot achieve?

Amy BLIT PhotoSegment 4
Who Takes Responsibility for Cyberattacks in the Cloud?


Believe it or not, not every piece of software and line of business application tool is in the cloud. However, the cloud-computing trend is still hot. ERP applications are continually being migrated to the cloud. While there are phenomenal benefits of cloud-based applications, the question arises: who is responsible for cyberattacks in the cloud? Is it the cloud services provider? Is it the organization’s?

Segment 5 – Guest: Katie Saglimbene, Elevate Marketing CO.
Surprise! Facebook's ad targeting makes people uncomfortable, study says


Surprise, surprise, Facebook has hundreds of ad categories that it lumps us into. Is it uncomfortable knowing Facebook knows so much about us? Yes. Is their targeting accurate? Pretty much, yes! Over 70% of Facebook users didn’t even know Facebook had ad categories. Over 55% of respondents found that the categories they were lumped into were actually quite accurate. Maybe Facebook’s accuracy is why it’s so uncomfortable for many. So how do we overcome this love/hate relationship with Facebook?

Segment 6 – Bottom Line Security
Secret Service: Theft Rings Turn to Fuze Cards


Have you heard of a Fuze Card before? Fuze Cards look and act like a credit card, but in fact can hold account data of up to 30 credit cards. Card theft rings are now using Fuze Cards to disguise the number of credit card information they actually have – which means instead of sorting through 50 stolen credit cards at a register, they now can pull a single card.


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