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Bottom Line I.T. | September 4, 2018

Bottom Line IT
September 9, 2018 12:00 PM

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Bottom Line I.T. with Mike Maddox and Amy Mumby
September 4, 2018

Segment 1
The Future of Work Is Creative Collaboration

With so many technology tools at our disposal, businesses are finding new ways to balance collaboration – both in person and virtual. What we’re finding is that more and more businesses are moving to “creative collaboration”. By putting the right technology tools in place while simultaneously creating a physical open work environment, staff members are not only happier and more energized, but are growing closer together in communication and forming new ideas.

Segment 2
Fax machines may be vulnerable to hackers, new report finds

Wise words of advice “If a fax machine is too old to support a software update, fax capabilities should be used only on a segmented part of the network…” Believe it or not, there are 17 million fax machines in use in the United States, and these machines, just like printers, MFP devices, laptops and computers, can be a gateway for hackers. Cybercriminals can access a network through a phone line connected to a fax machine.

Segment 3

IoT is pretty much old news by now. There are numerous home devices enabled by technology to make our lives easier. For example, we can now turn on the lights in our house from phones at work. We can turn the air conditioning or heat on from down the street. We can have our refrigerators check the status of our milk and make grocery lists for us. The threat with all IoT devices is the level of security. For devices that operate our electricity, this could be a real threat to the entire city, or even the entire state. "It’s as simple as running a botnet. When a botnet is successful, it can scale by itself. That makes the attack easier…"

Segment 4
Finally, a smart way for insurers to leverage IoT in smart homes

How many of us turn the dishwasher on before we leave for work for the day? What about before you head out the door for vacation? While it may seem like you are multitasking and knocking off a chore, what would happen if your dishwasher started a fire or had a malfunction, sending gallon and gallons of water into your kitchen? That is exactly what happened to one individual. A story that leaves most of us hoping we never have to experience is also the reason that, thanks to IoT, a device could help notify homeowners of such incidents. Yes, there are security cameras and home monitors, but what if they could detect moisture levels? What if it could turn off the dishwasher?

Segment 5
Hacking the US mid-terms? It's child's play

39 kids between 8 and 17 years old took part in a hacking competition. Of the 39 kids, 35 of them were successful in bypassing security in mocked up voting systems. The stats were impressive. One 11-year-old girl was able to break in within 10 minutes.

While this is very impressive, what does this tell us about our voting system security?  

Segment 6 – Bottom Line Security
Phishing campaign reveals new Marap downloader malware, possibly distributed by Necurs botnet

Hold onto your seats, kids because there is a new form of malware on the block called, Marap. Marap “is capable of downloading additional modules and payloads in order to give attackers a wide range of capabilities.” As we’ve seen over the last several months, and even in the last year or two, phishing campaigns are growing more prevalent. They are getting more sophisticated and more complex – and even harder to prevent without the proper tools and education in place. 

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