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Bottom Line I.T with Special Guest Katie Saglimbene | Michigan Business Network

Bottom Line IT
August 24, 2018 6:00 AM

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Bottom Line I.T. with Mike Maddox and Amy MumbySpecial Guest: Katie Saglimbene of Elevate Marketing Co.
RECORDED at ASK, August 21, 2018

googleSegment 1
Google Wants You to Use Physical Security Keys So Bad It's Willing to Sell You One

With over 85,000 employees, one would think that Google would be a prime target for phishing campaigns. Surprisngly enough, though, Google claims it went more than a year without getting phished, thanks it mandated security devices. Google loved the devices so much that they now have their own Titan Security Key – of which will soo be available to the public.

congressSegment 2
Congress has a $95 Million Proposal to Study Tech’s Effect on Kids

It has been a growing concern – how much we spend on our devices. Technology is intertwined into every aspect of our lives. For thos who are Gen Alpha, they’ve never known life without a phone, tablet, laptop, etc. Parents and teachers have growing concerns how much time our youth are spending on these devices and the impact it has on them.

internet Segment 3
“Scraper” Bots and the Secret Internet Arms Race

What company doesn’t want to know what their competitors charge? A new tactic for digging up information on competitors involves Scraper Bots. Scraping basically means that someone will scrape pricing dara from competitors on the web machine-learning algorithms. Scraping is exactly what Google and Bing do for indexing websites for their search engines. So while Scraping for competitor information might seem mischievous, it’s already a common method.

katieSegment 4
Special Guest: Katie Saglimbene, President of Elevate Marketing Co

Katie Saglimbene of Elevate Marketing Co. joins us to talk about what Elevate Marketing Co. does, who they serve, and what they love most about the marketing industry.


voiceSegment 5
5 Voice Engine Optimization Strategies to Get Ahead

Many people use the voice to text and voice to search feature on their smartphone and other virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa. As a consumer these features can be incredible helpful and fun to use. What isn’t fun, is when you use voice-assisted searches and the website you were hoping for doesn’t come up as an option. For businesses, having a properly structured website can make or break new business. Voice search is proving how important it is to have your business listings claimed, a fast website, and a solid content strategy.

EquifaxSegment 6 – Bottom Line Security
Equifax says it's spent $200m on security since the breach, so everything's OK now

Remember the Equifax debacle that happened a year ago? According to their CSO, Equifax invested in $200 million in security since the incident in 2017. But as we’ve seen in cases in the past, it’s not the amount of money that you throw at a problem that actually ends in a resolution…


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