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BLM Helps Form Alliance of 30+ Organizations to Benefit Michigan Students

Michigan Business Network
July 18, 2018 9:00 AM


Late last month, Business Leaders for Michigan waspleased to announce the formation of a uniquely diverse cross-section of representatives from Michigan's business, education management, education labor, philanthropy, and state and community leaders aligned behind improving outcomes for K-12 education in Michigan. Called Launch Michigan, the goal is to turn our state into a leader in educational excellence with lasting, research driven strategies that transcend politics and election cycles

unnamed (2)Doug Rothwell, BLM President and CEO, remarked how significant the partnership is to improving K-12 education: "Never before in this state has such a diverse group of partners come together on its own to improve public education. We are united behind our desire to ensure that every child in Michigan gets the education they need to succeed in their career and in life. We're aligned behind our belief that a strong public education system is the cornerstone for helping Michigan's children succeed and for building strong communities and an economy that works for everyone."

While Launch Michigan is in its early stages, it has already established several areas of agreement and focus, including:

  • Supporting educators by leveraging existing research and using a statewide educator survey, among other activities, to guide the work.
  • Supporting shared, statewide, research-driven strategies for delivering effective education to all students and sticking to those strategies beyond politics and election cycles, to determine what really works.
  • Supporting a fair and comprehensive accountability system that includes everyone who influences education-not just teachers.
  • Working together to ensure that resources are available to provide for an equitable, student-centered education system and funding model.
  • Elevating public awareness and inspiring action about the current state of education in MI.

We are excited by this unprecedented collaboration and look forward to working to make Michigan a Top Ten state for education. We urge you to join us and Launch Michigan by following the partnership on Twitter and Facebook. The effort is expected to expand over the next several months. Stay tuned for more information about how you can get involved! For the growing list of members and to learn more about Launch Michigan, visit www.LaunchMichigan.org.

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