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BatteryGiant, Faith and Decision-Making in Business

Equity Equals
November 12, 2015 7:00 PM

Motivation and InspirationBob and Fonda Cavin, Co-owners of BatteryGiant, in East Lansing, opened their business franchise on October 11, 2014. BatteryGiant is a Michigan based Franchise, headquartered in Madison Heights, Michigan, and has approximately 35 Battery Giants Stores currently opened throughout the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

BatteryGiant- East Lansing offers over 4,000 products for more than 100,000 battery applications. Also, BatteryGiant - East Lansing offers LED Bulbs for all lighting needs and free battery recycling. Bob Cavin is the CEO and Managing Partner, and works on Commercial Accounts and the daily marketing of BatteryGiant - East Lansing to help improve its visibility and market share.  Fonda Cavin is Vice President and Managing Partner, and works on marketing BatteryGiant - East Lansing with Civic, Community and Social Organizations.

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