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“An American in Paris” Pulls in Great Reviews

Show Biz Weekly
December 4, 2017 5:00 PM

An American In PAris.jpg

In this Podcast of Show Biz Weekly, Host Taylor Kelsaw highlights the musical "An American in Paris". You will hear from stage director Kenneth J. Davis along with a review from Travis Hayward and Tricia Brubaker.

Segment 1    Kenneth J. Davis’s career has lasted for over 20 years as a stage director from the like of the Lion King to the Wharton Center’s “An American in Paris”. Davis shares his story and talks about the love of the stage, and the multi stage productions have been well received around the world . As an artist, he feels excited at every venue and this week marks his fourth time to the stage at the Wharton Center for the Performing Arts.

Segment 2:     Travis Hayward and Tricia Brubaker attended the show “An American in Paris” as guests of Show Biz Weekly to give a report. Tricia starts first with her take on the show. As a musical and performance fan, Brubaker loved the production. She was taken with the Gershwin songs, the acting, and of course the dancing.

Segment 3:      Travis’s take differs in what he takes away. Hayward challenged himself to the task of keeping an open mind while reviewing the production. Land behold! He loved it! Hayward shares how he let his mind wonder into the Parisian life during and after World War II. As a cinematographer, Hayward enjoyed the technicolor production and was thrilled to see the life of the theatre come alive. He found interest in the overwhelming staging, direction and colorful presentations from scene to scene.



Show Biz Weekly, hosted by Taylor Kelsaw and Michael McCallum, looks into the business side of the entertainment industry by discussing various aspects of how the field of entertainment is a component of our economy and how their situations translate to the rest of the business community.

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