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Actress DeGarmo lands lead role after taking a risk

Show Biz Weekly
June 8, 2017 2:00 PM


Segment 1 -Angela DeGarmo: Small towns have a wonderful long history associated with talent, and our Mitten is filled with many such places, including Laingsburg, where our first guest hails from. DeGarmo began her acting life there in the Drama Club of Laingsburg, that she put together and was its president. “Big Rock on Candy Mountain”, was their first student production and was born out of the hard work from the students, and in fact is still being run by students there to this very day.

Segment 2 - DeGarmo: Today, some seventeen years later, and after raising two kids, the still beautiful and youthful DeGarmo has returned to acting. She took a risk, (as actors should), and auditioned for a role in a short, “Dayplanner of the Dead”, the part went to someone else, (as is also the life of an actor), but DeGarmo ended up still on set as an extra, and it was an exciting to return to the classic horror and indie filmmaking. 

This Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 @ 8PM, DeGarmo will be featured in her first lead role as “Sadie Malloy” in the vampire film, “Monsters Among Men” premiering at Woodland Celebration Cinema, in Grand Rapids, and again the following Friday, June 9th, 2017 @ Collingswood Art Center in Toledo, Ohio, 8PM!

In “Monsters Among Men,” an egocentric businessman awakens deep in the woods to find he has been abducted by a subversive group of vampires disguised and living among us. He must not only escape their clutches, but save his beloved girlfriend before time, the truth, and his kidnappers catch up with him.


Show Biz Weekly, hosted by Taylor Kelsaw and Michael McCallum, looks into the business side of the entertainment industry by discussing various aspects of how the field of entertainment is a component of our economy and how their situations translate to the rest of the business community.

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